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Residential and Business Design Services That We Offer

M&M Interiors offers a broad range of services for residential and business clients alike. From interior design, to custom concept work, to window treatments and restoration, Robyn and her M&M Interiors associates plan, consult and implement from idea to completion. No job is too small, no re-design too extensive for Robyn and her talented and committed staff.

For an office or in-house consultation call Robyn at 818-360-1839 or design@mandminteriors.com.


Custom Furniture

Homeowners, renters and business owners alike are often struck by a particular furniture piece or design the come across in their everyday lives. It can be an elegant piece in a couture magazine or a practical piece in a doctor's office. Robyn and the M&M Interiors craftsmen have built it all. If you have a photo or drawing or simply measurements and a base idea, Robyn can build the specific piece you have in mind using fabric, wood, metal and other materials you can depend on for quality, durability and uniqueness. Be it a customized design for practicality and specific need or a unique artistic statement-piece bound to dazzle dinner guests at your next big event, M&M Interiors is the client's choice for single or multi-piece custom furnishings.

Interior Design

Sprucing up a wood-paneled den? Have an idea for a whole floor do-over? Finally got the dream house you've always wanted and don't know where to begin? Let Robyn bring your idea to life. Robyn's extensive experience and creative vision give her extraordinary insight into the form, structure, style and material best expressive of your needs. Robyn begins with the basics—a plan, goal, and end result. Is the end result a single room or an entire house? Is the goal to modify or remake? Is your plan piece-by-piece or room-by-room? Robyn makes the interior design process a professional and enjoyable experience, from initial consult to final installation.


Robyn's dynamic design and concept work live on in retail, service and entertainment-based businesses throughout Southern California and beyond. Robyn works with sole proprietors, partnerships, architects and developers to design unique environments that best convey the heart and core of the business.


No dog-tattered chair or child-worn sofa is beyond repair for Robyn and her craftsmen to restore and recover. Using expertise and the finest materials, the team at M&M Interiors breathe new life into shabby, shoddy and dilapidated pieces or pieces that were simply dated or no longer fit-in with the design or style of other furniture and fixtures in a room or office space.